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Zoot’s Dorky Guide To Bullet Journaling

I’ve finely-tuned my bullet journaling lifestyle and thought it would be a good time to do an overall tip-type entry outlining my process and techniques. BECAUSE I AM A GIANT DORK.

First – You have to watch the original video.

Second – Abstain from abbreviating “Bullet Journal” to “BJ” because the euphemisms become too overpowering.

Now you are ready! Choose your bullet journal. I started with some cheapo models to make sure I’d stick to the method before finally getting a moleskin. I like the size because it fits in my purse. I like the strap that wraps around the journal plus it has a built-in bookmark. Since it’s a moleskin it has high weight paper which means my inks don’t bleed and my pens respond well to the surface.
photo 1(1)photo 2(1)

Build your index page. Your index page will grow as you create pages that you’ll want to reference periodically. You don’t need to index your daily pages, your bookmark will keep those handy. Just the pages you’ll frequent.

photo 3(1)

Build your monthly page. List numbers of the days and the day-of-the-week with the numbers. I do different colors of those two things. Then, as you need to, add events to those days that you’ll need to remember when scheduling. (We will get to how to handle events in FUTURE months next.) Don’t forget to mark this page in your index.

photo 4(1)

Maybe Optional? Build your “Future Dates” page. This is where you log things that are coming up that you DON’T have a monthly page for. As I get more than 2 things schedule for the next month? I go ahead and create that monthly page. So, for the two weeks every month I have TWO monthly pages going. And when I create a monthly page, I check this page for dates and cross them off when they are moved to a monthly page.

photo 5

OPTIONAL: Build a “Birthdays” page which has the effect as a “Future Dates” page but is more specific. I check this page before I create a monthly page too.

photo 1

OPTIONAL: Other sorts of pages that will occur to you randomly. Like books to read, or movies to see, or gift ideas. MAKE SURE YOU INDEX ALL OF THESE PAGES.

photo 3

Build your Daily Pages.
I often will use one page for 2-3 days, to be honest. No need to waste paper for a new page every day. I also create separate work pages for different projects and I index those on my daily page. I don’t usually use the backside of pages unless I need something random for that day or those few days, like school info or grocery lists.

photo 2photo 4

OPTIONAL: Tabs – I just add these to pages I flip to regularly. It’s not necessary, obviously, I just like having them.

OPTIONAL: Stickers – I just like stickers. That’s all.

I might re-visit this if I adopt any other techniques I want to share. I might just rename this blog “Bullet Journal Addicts Anonymous.”

I will NOT rename it “BJ Addicts Anonymous.”

Edited to add: I forgot to talk about my pens and other supplies! (Thanks for asking JenniferB) I wrote an addendum here if you’re curious about that stuff too!

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  1. Monica says:

    Thank you, thank you! This is great info. I have been sort of switching back and forth between the bullet journal and my old planner that I was already using. I haven’t really committed. This is what I needed to help me get the bullet journal set up in a more detailed fashion.

    And I love the stickers; they add such a cute touch. My bullet journal is very blah. Where do you get them?

    1. You can buy all types of Moleskins at Barnes and Noble.

  2. I really love this blog. 🙂
    I’ve watched the video – and because of it and you I have been so much more organized. I’m not doing a bullet journal, I think I will in the new year, but I do now only have one place where all of my lists are!

  3. I’m starting a bullet journal on January 1. Thank you for showing me the the light!

  4. I love the idea of a bullet journal…. but I am not sure I would keep one up. But I do love my Cozi Family Organizer app. It is accessible via the web on a laptop/desktop computer, and has both iPhone and Android apps. Using it, I can put the whole family’s schedule on it, and they can see it from their computers/phones/iPads. It does grocery lists, meal-planning (on computer/iPad, but not phone), to-do lists, contact lists, birthday reminders… and the entire family can share it, so when my 17yo takes himself to the orthodontist, he can schedule his next appointment and put it on the calendar so I will know when it is. Or kids can already see Mom is busy at a certain time so know that they won’t have a ride to Bridge Street then. Best thing ever: the shopping list will update so that if I am at the store and someone thinks of something, they can add it from their device and it will pop up on mine. GENIUS.

  5. JenniferB says:

    I know you are a pen fanatic, but do you have a specific style that you like in all the colors? How do you carry multiple pens with the journal? I’m thinking of going this way in the new year, but it would really frustrate me to need to mark something down in a blue pen, but only have red and green with me.

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t include that part! I like the precise v5, the signo 207 and another uniball I can’t remember right now – in multiple colors. I love them all! And I spent WAY too much (like, $12) for the PERFECT sized “makeup” pouch at Target (one of those designers – ora kelly or something?) and I carry my favorite pens/colors with me in my purse too! I even keep washi tape, white out, and scissors just in case of emergency embellishment needs 🙂

  6. What is Washi tape and what do you do with it in your bullet journal?

  7. I’ve adopted the Bullet Journal as well since your original post but am nowhere near as organized or as regimented to using it as you are. However, I really love the “keeping of all the lists in one place” part of it. I’m fanatic about making lists, so this is great for me. Thank you for introducing this method to me. I might also break down and get a moleskine also as I’ve wanted one for ages, but never had a just enough reason to purchase such a pricy journal. I think you’ve remedied that (thanks again 😉 ).
    I do have one question. . .where did you get the cute tags? You’ve mentioned your pens and other supplies, but not the tabs. I’ve just been using post-it flags on my journal right now, but would love to ‘pretty it up’ like you have. I appreciate it so much!

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