First, and foremost: Bullet Journaling is not for Everyone. I love it, it has changed my life, but it’s not a system that would work for everyone.

BUT! If you’re a chronic list maker or if you’ve ever had a planner obsession, then this could possibly be the system for you.

Now…let me show you where I started:

And then let me tell you that Ryder Carroll (the guy who made this video) would probably hate my bullet journal with a passion of a thousand fiery suns.

Truth? If you follow websites like mine or the hundreds of wonderful instagram accounts dedicated to planning and bullet journaling, you’ll be very overwhelmed. So, let’s just start with the basics. All you really need is a blank notebook and a writing utensil.

Now, I started with a $2 spiral notebook from Target at first so I could work out the kinks and decide if I even liked the system to begin with. Once I decided it was going to work for me? I invested in a hard cover Moleskin. I have since switched to a Leuchtturm1917 because it comes with dotted pages AND a hard cover which Moleskine didn’t offer. But start with whatever you’d like at first. Don’t be too burdened by what kind of notebook you’ll need or want because as you develop your own system, you’ll get a better feel for what would suit your needs best.

Once you have your pen? Just make your index page and go from there. I started doing like the video stated – dating a “daily” page and then just starting the next “daily” in the empty space on that page. BUT. It turns out, I like the act of preparing my daily pages as a way to prepare for a day, so I give each day it’s own page in my bullet journal. As you’re going about your life, maybe you’ll think of a list you need to start. “Oh! I need to make a list of gift ideas to get the kids for Christmas.” You’ll go to your next blank page, title it accordingly, and then add it to your index. EASY AS PIE. You might choose to use pencil so you can make mistakes and erase them. You may start decorating your pages with washi tape and stickers. You could even do what I do and turn some pages into scrapbook pages to save your kid’s art work or invitations to parties. Whatever you do? YOU DO YOU. Get inspiration from others but in the end? It’s YOUR system. What works for me might not work for you. And none of my volumes even look the same and I’ve been doing this for two years.

Just get started. Something to write with and a notebook. That’s all you need.