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Transferring Information To The New Journal

I’m two weeks away from starting another volume (#11!) in my bullet journal life – so it’s time to start transferring important information over to the next volume. I only transfer pages that I’ll need to reference regularly over the next three-four months. I’m not transferring my kid’s summer schedule because school has started, but I am transferring my “Books I’ve Read” list as I want to carry them out throughout the year. I don’t need several of my project pages for work, but I do need some notes from some recent meetings. You get the point!

In order to not get too overwhelmed – especially if I need to transfer a lot of data – I start about two weeks out by going through the index pages of my current volume and marking all of the pages I’ll move over. Sometimes there are pages I’ll reference again – but not often. Examples would be: Bucket List type pages. Those pages I’ll write at the bottom of the index pages on every volume. “Bucket List: Volume 3, page 72.” There are some “in between” pages that I might not ever need again, but most of those I know approximately when I made them so I can find them by searching through a few volumes. I recently was looking for notes on a past meeting and it only took me about 15 minutes to go through 5 volumes until I found it. No big deal! That’s why I like this system.


So this week I’ve start transferring information over to the new journal. Since I started two weeks ahead, I only have to do a few at a time. That way, when it’s time to start the new volume, I can put this one on the shelf and not have to carry TWO around for a few weeks, which I’ve done before. Here is my new “run log” page in my new journal.


I even took time to tape a coloring card onto the page opposite the run log. Since most of the races I do are done with friends, I figured this was an appropriate addition to this page.

How do you move stuff over to a new journal? Or do you even bother?

Tools I Use:
Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Hardcover Dotted
Cover: Custom cover with trail marker from my favorite local race. Made by Makers South
Pens: Currently loving the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, Fine Point

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  1. How often do you start a new journal? I’m brand new to this – just started this month. I’m already totally addicted. But I figured I’d give it until the end of the year to see how it goes, and start a new journal at the beginning of the year. Do some people start a new one every quarter? Or do you just keep going until it’s full and then start over?

    I like your assessment of how and when to transfer data. I would think the transferring process just solidifies the information that much more in your brain. And if you don’t need it, let it go. Genius!

    1. Zoot says:

      I probably average about 4 months. I like to start a new one at the beginning of a month so there’s usually pages leftover in the previous volume because I don’t get it exact. I wrote here: about the dilemmas around when to start/finish. Some people gave some good ideas about using those blank pages and I like the idea to fill in by journaling about the last four months! I may try that this time!

  2. Terri says:

    Do you combine your Bullet Journal for work and for the rest of your life? I keep separate ones and admit it makes me focus more on my work journal. Any advice?

    1. Zoot says:

      My job produces low content in my BuJo. Like – 3-5 pages of meeting notes or project notes a month. The rest of it is narrowed down to items on my daily To Do pages. So I can manage it in my personal BuJo just fine. I mark those work notes/project pages with wash tape like I described here:

      I don’t think I could do two different BuJos although my husband has ONE BuJo and it’s ONLY work. He doesn’t use it for anything else.

      Hope that helps!

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