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The Most Vague List Of Resolutions Ever In The History Of The World


I’ll be honest. I like New Year’s way better than Christmas. Christmas is fun – but I’m never sure the good balances out the bad. We had a rough month of repeated unexpected expenses and since we have a budget we really try to stick to (that also gives us a savings for REAL emergencies) we had to tighten our belt at the time we needed it the loosest of all. I’m currently out of paper towels and stevia but we only have $2 left in the grocery budget for the month and since we’ve gone over in SO MANY other places, I’m really trying to hold out until Wednesday for a grocery store trip. So…the downside of the money and stress of Christmas in my mind (especially when you had other last-minute things pop up this month) tends to over shadow the fun of play/family.

But New Year’s? Free of stress! As a matter of fact, because of it’s “First Day Of The Year/Month” status – it’s almost a stress eliminator. You can start on THAT day to get your weight in check and your budget in line. That day is clean! You’ve done no wrong (yet) on New Year’s! BRING ON THE PAPER TOWELS!

I am going to be a bit more aggressive this year with my resolutions. Now that I have such a handle tool in my life for organization (ALL HAIL THE BULLET JOURNAL!) I feel like I can set my sites a little grander. Maybe do some of those annoying “30 Day Challenges” everyone posts on Facebook. Maybe write that book after all. Maybe hit my goal weight and stay there. Maybe run my 50-Miler.

Wait. No “Maybe” about that one. In March I’m doing the same 12-hour run I did last year but this year my goal is 50 (last year it was 40 and I probably could have done 50 but mentally, once I hit that goal, I was out.) during the race this year.

And this blog? This blog has some goals too. I’ve really enjoyed the increased posting I’ve been doing. It started with Nablopopmo, which got me in the habit of posting every morning. And then the goal to have my 5,000th entry be on 1/1/2014 seemed to remove the weird block I had to posting more than once in a day, so I’d really like to figure out a way to keep the activity here increased. I’ll definitely try to keep up the daily posting because I’ve just really enjoyed it. I also want to try to gradually work my way backwards through my content to make sure A) posts have featured images and B) make sure the entries back when I used FLICKR have photos in them hosted here. That’s going to be a giant P.I.T.A. but it needs to be done so that I’ll have everything stored locally. I’d also like to work on my categories list. Several of them were created for specific ideas and now they just need to be condense. I think I have 6 variations of “A Better Me” to monitor self-improvement projects. I’m sure that says something about me right there.

I’m also hoping to work on my healthy eating habits. I have cut back on Diet Coke SUBSTANTIALLY in the last few months, but I’d like to really try to keep it to a “treat” type of status. I like the periodic Diet Coke after a good long run. Or when we go out to eat and I can get it from the FOUNTAIN. Holy cow! I’d like to try to cut back on salting foods as much as I do. (Anyone have a good tip for a salt substitute?) I’d like to eat less processed foods, but also not have to increase our grocery budget our or food prep/shopping time to do so.

I’d like to go back to being a better Mom. I had let go of the Yelling instinct for awhile but it has creeped back into my parenting style and I super-duper hate it. I’d like to laugh more with the kids. I may actually put that on my daily To Do list: LAUGH WITH THE KIDS. I get so wrapped up in work and because I work from home sometimes my home/work brain gets confused and I’m just having a tough time with not switching COMPLETELY into Mom mode when I’m done working. When I’m in Mom mode I have a lot more patience, but it’s weird because home is now work and there’s always a part of me that is still in WORK MODE so that part has no patience for loud or messy. I need to switch ALL of that off when I’m done working so my patience increases along with my capacity for FUN.

I’d like to take my real camera around more. I’ve actually been doing that this last week or two, getting it out to just play, and I’d like to keep that up. The iPhone camera is SO GOOD and I even print pictures I’ve taken with it, that it because easy to leave the real camera at home. But the real camera is still SO MUCH BETTER and I need to make sure I’m using it because I want to have GREAT pictures sometimes too, not just GOOD ones. Also? I have a niece who will be here soon and I need to get in the habit so I can take a million pictures of her.

I’d like to come up with some domestic order to my life. I don’t want to ever be someone who cares a lot about baseboards and windows and the dust on picture frames. I like that we don’t care about those details. But – I’d like to just be better about the quick scan-before-bedtime to make sure the general mayhem is avoided. Towels not on the floors, legos not being eaten by dogs, markers not left without tops…just the chaos that when ignored creates BIGGER problems down the road. Maybe on my daily list after “LAUGH WITH THE KIDS” it will say “WALK AROUND THE HOUSE AND MANAGE MAYHEM”.

I’m sure before Wednesday I’ll have formulated a more concrete version of this list, something that I can monitor progress with. But for now? This vague guide will get me started.

The trick is –

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  1. Olivia says:

    Other spices are great substitutes for salt. Have you ever tried Mrs. Dash?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Is the salt thing a taste thing? or more a habit thing? My husbands was just habit and when I finally convinced him to start tasting food before salting it, he started using less salt. If it’s a taste thing, then I have nothing to offer. 🙂

  3. Yay for the more blogging! I’m enjoying all these posts.

    I use way less salt than the average person, but I use a lot more of the stronger spices than most. Garlic, for instance. I squeeze at least one clove of garlic in to most dishes, and habitually double or even triple the garlic in a recipe. I didn’t set out to reduce salt intake, it’s just the way I prefer to eat. But, it did have the result of drastically reducing my husband’s. He started out adding salt to everything, but over time he adjusted and now prefers less salt. But – to be frank – you are going to have to reduce your processed foods to reduce your salt meaningfully.

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