Stepping Away From The Computer

I’m a lot more reliant on the computer for my spreads in my bullet journal than I’d like to be. I know this is mostly because my handwriting is terrible, but it is also because I’m just enough of a perfectionist to hate lines that aren’t straight, but not enough of a perfectionist to get out a ruler or use a pencil first. So. When I see great page ideas like the daily habit tracker from Boho Berry, I fall back on the computer to design my own. Here is her beautiful spread:

IT IS GORGEOUS. A work of art. Also? A brilliant idea in terms of trying to keep track of habits. So, what did I do? Designed mine on the computer.


I mean, it’s lovely! I like it! But you know? It’s a little safe and I feel like part of what I love about the bullet journal is it allows me to make pretty pages, even if I’m not artistic or talented in the lettering department. SO! I decided I wanted to do a “Daily Summary” grid like I’ve seen in a few different places. Just a quick grid to jot down what you did in the day. Nothing like a diary or a journal, just a few notes to trigger reminders of what I did that day.

And, of course, I screwed it up.


See what I mean? I’m too stubborn and impatient to use a ruler or a pencil. But after 2+ years of bullet journaling I’ve learned to just turn the page. No big deal. There are hundreds of pages in my past volumes that I messed up and I just abandoned. I’ve learn to love those abandoned pages, in some weird way. The second attempt looked MUCH better.


I mean, no one is going to be inspired by the beauty of my spread, but it’s all me! No computer. No Photoshop. No font files. Just my clumbsy line drawing and my shaky handwriting.

And I kinda love it.

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