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Speaking Of Bullets…BULLET JOURNAL FTW!

I mentioned recently about falling in love with a new organizational idea. THE BULLET JOURNAL.

Basically, if you are a list-writer? This is for you. It’s just a method to organize all of your lists into one book so that you’ll always have them with you. It’s so simple, it’s genius.

For starters – I didn’t jump in and buy a moleskine. I started the first week with a generic journal I had at the ready. I didn’t want to spend $15 on a moleskine if I wasn’t going to stick with the method. One week in? And I was sold. I bought the standard hard-cover moleskine with pocket, bookmark, and band to close it. It fits in my purse PERFECTLY and therefore goes EVERYWHERE with me.

Now, to me? The key is in the index.


All of the pages you’ll need to reference more than one day, basically, goes in the Index. This is the So Simple It’s Genius part. Because now, all of those lists you keep around in 19 different places in your house? Are easy to find and always with you. Birthday lists. Wishlists. Blog ideas. Training plans. Soccer schedules. Snack days. It’s all RIGHT HERE for you. This index is basically why I’m sticking with the system.

Here is a snapshot of a few of my pages.


The first block is my general “To Do” list for the week. I don’t use the boxes like the guy did in the video just because I prefer the bullet/cross out method for list making. I also don’t switch days. Basically, I start a new page when the old one becomes full or indecipherable. So, this page I started on Monday but will probably end after today. I didn’t like rewriting stuff when often my “To Do” stuff is more WEEKLY than DAILY.

I also put the weekly BIG HUGE DON’T FORGET! items out bigger and in the margin so that they jump out at me.

The next shot is of my “month” list. I’m basically only putting things on that list that may cause scheduling problems for the day. Or things I might not remember. I don’t put soccer games on that list because those are standard days so I don’t forget them. I don’t put every training run on the list because those are weekly things I already consider when making plans. I put my 20-miler on it because that will take a big chunk out of the day, but that’s it.

I started “October” as soon as I started scheduling things for the month. That was some time last week. I did put it a few pages out because I knew I wouldn’t need it at the ready yet, but as soon as I had my first “calendar” item for the month? I made the page.

The rest of the shots are examples of other lists I keep with me now. My training plans, soccer/snack schedules, wish lists for birthday or for myself. I also keep blog ideas, and school information. I even have a page about TV Shows I’d like to keep up with and what seasons I’m on so when they come out with new seasons on Netflix I’ll know I need to watch it.

Now, with work stuff? I basically make “To Do” work pages too, but I do keep those separate from the general life To Do. But that’s just me.

I’m not using any rhyme or reason with ink color, I just pick the color that makes me happy on that page in that moment. I don’t like one color on an entire page. I like to keep things bright and cheerful.

I also rarely use the backs of pages. One? Because no matter the quality of paper (and moleskin is high quality) you’re still going to get a little bit of Show-Through. Now, I do use the backs for quick lists sometimes, like grocery lists, but most of my pages are one-side only.

I’ve always been a list-maker, so for me? This system is perfection on every level. If you’re not someone who needs to write things down perpetually? It’s not for you. But if you have post-its and index cards and pieces of paper in every bag, and pocket, and every surface of your house? Give it a try!

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  1. Mama Leone says:

    Thank you KIM! THIS IS AWESOME. I am a list maker. I have purchased approximately 1 miliion Franklin Covey planners, notebooks, day timers, tried outlook, journals, apps etc. I think this may finally be my “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. The only part I am struggling with is the month as a list with the days next to it. I like to look at the month in block form. This may take some getting used to. The thing I like about this is I have to write things down to remember them. So typing a list in an app…doesn’t work for me. I also like that it is a smallish notebook, lugging around some of those Frankline covey planners they were HEAVY and you needed a ginormous pocketbook to carry them. Gotta go….start my bullet journal………..

  2. I saw your previous post recommending the Bullet Journal and I started it too. I LOVE IT! I’m a compulsive list-maker and I love having it all in one place. Something about writing it down rather than using a phone app is awesome for me.

  3. This is the same thing I’m doing, except I’m using a free app on my phone, ColorNote, because I can’t remember to carry a notebook with me. I’ve always been a list maker, and it’s nice to keep the lists organized. It’s nice to know there are fellow list makers out there because my husband swears I’m the only crazy one.

  4. I’m a list maker and currently have lists scattered all over my desk. This looks awesome. Awesome! I think I might try it.

  5. Monica says:

    Thank you for the info and pictures! I am going to start mine today. I have been waiting but I have so many lists going. So it’s time to get going on this. I had Franklin Covey planners when I worked and I loved them, but they are too expensive. This system reminds me of that one; I have tried for nine years to find a system I liked as well but didn’t cost so much.

    I like to see each month in block form like Mama Leone mentioned. That’s the only thing about this system I don’t like. Maybe I’ll print one out and put it in the pocket in the back of the journal. Then I’ll have it if I need it. Thanks again for sharing how it’s working for you!

  6. I think I’m gonna do it but I’m having a hard time with the idea that I won’t be able to have the month-at-a-view that I am used to seeing. I know there is a month page but I so love the squares…gives my brain order. Thanks for the details!

  7. I’ve been forever trying to find a system that works for me…I NEED a monthly calendar to look at so I knew what days I have appointments, practices, track meets, etc…I bought a cheap monthly planner (blue sky at Target). It’s got a pocket in the front where i keep a pack of lined post it. I use one post it a week for my to do lists, and stick it on that month. Then as I finish everything on the list I toss it. It has a HUGE stack of NOTE pages in the back where I keep my long term running lists – Home projects, Christmas lists, planning pages for various projects – sports banquet, scholarship application deadlines.I keep a running shopping list on the inside cover.

  8. This is the post that finally got me from stalker to commenter! As soon as you posted about the Bullet Journal the first time, I converted a notebook and started too and I am hooked! I love having everything in one place and as a fellow compulsive list maker (usually on sticky notes scattered all over the house and my desk and various purses) it’s nice to have them all in one place. I’m still finessing how to make the system work best for me but I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of this since you posted it on fb, so clearly I need to get me a journal post haste. The index part is genius. I keep a log book for work and finding old projects is always the hardest part. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner! : D

  10. I have literally read your blog for 4+ years and never commented before. This is such a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Ha. Not a listmaker but you have inspired me. I have put “go back to XXX-plalce” on the top of the March 2014 section. I really need to go see my friends from years ago. ONe of which is H’ville/Madison of course.

    I heart you Kim. You are such an inspiration to so many.

  12. When I saw your original post on this, I knew I had FINALLY found the system that would work for me!! I’ve been using it since the day after your post, and I LOVE IT! I made a few changes, too, but the general idea is simply genius. 🙂

    Thank you!!


  13. I’m reading through all your Bullet Journal posts because I am a new fan. Can’t wait to start a shiny new journal for 2014!!

  14. Helen says:

    Feeling inspired, cant wait to get to the shop tomorrow to buy a new notebook and give this a go

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