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Shortest. Trial. Ever. (Plus a November Bullet Journal Printable!)


If you follow my bullet journal instagram you know that I was trying something new this week: Week-In-View planning pages. And while I loved making the spread and I love looking at it, I have missed having my brand new daily pages every day so I had to wake up this morning and do a Wednesday page, just to shake off the monotonous funk I’ve been having over not having a brand new page to look at every day.


I think I still might do the week-in-view pages, because honestly I really like having it and I like setting goals for the week instead of for the day. I’ll just do it ALONG WITH the daily pages. And while I know that’s a lot of repetitive listing (which was why I was trying the week-in-view thing to begin with, too much transferring from one page to another when tasks didn’t get done) it seems that – emotionally – I just need to have a new page to look at every day. So…2 days! Shortest trial ever.

From now on? I’ll do both. That’s the great thing about the Leuchtturm1917 journal – it comes with TWO bookmarks!



You can still download my horizontal monthly pages for 2015 and 2016 from my sidebar, but I’ve been playing around with vertical pages. Some say when they print this and trim it for a standard moleskin there’s extra space along the border, but I’m not seeing that when I print it. If anyone wants to download it and check it out – I’d appreciate it. I want to perfect the template so I can do all of 2016.

And that’s your bullet journal update for this week! I know you love it when I talk planning.

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  1. Monica says:

    Thank you for the printables! I had so much fun coloring the October picture so I was hoping you’d do one for November. When I printed the October one the vertical calendar was a great fit for my Moleskine with a little space around the edges if you want to use washi tape to attach it, but the coloring page was a bit too large. After coloring it I trimmed it as close to the design as I could but it is still slightly too wide to fit in my bullet journal so I just put it on the fridge like I am five years old. I’ll probably tape it in the journal anyway and just let it stick out a little. Does that answer your question?

    I started a bullet journal board on Pinterest and found a pin with tons of different types of spreads. I am trying the weekly thing too and like it so far, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the long run. I saw several on her blog post that I think I am going to try. Thanks again for all your help with bullet journaling!!

  2. Thank you for the download! I printed it out, and tried it in my Moleskine–it seems to fit well, with just enough space to tape it down. I am still exploring the bullet journal–I’ve bought a dotted Moleskine, a squared Moleskine and a dotted Leuchtturm–now I just need to make up my mind which one to use. And then use it! I love the way you have adapted the form and made it your own. I love the color!

  3. OMG – I just discovered this blog and I love it! I have become OBSESSED with the bullet journal – it goes perfectly with my Motivational Action Plan and Daily Compass -THANK YOU for the free download!

  4. Jeanne says:

    I am having a blast flipping through your site. I don’t know how helpful it would be, but I’ve slowly been working my own bullet journal program and found a “weekly view” bookmark to be the best thing. I take a looseleaf grid page, fold it in quarters lengthwise and then fold it in half, one side becomes a calendar and the other a list of goals for the week, then I unfold it and refold it to use the various quarters (so one month is on each sheet. Because I migrate the bookmark to each day I see it every day and can still do my weekly pages. Anywho, you’re giving me some great new ideas and have inspired me to buy a full on pretty stitchbound notebook, instead of the five star five-subject I’ve been using.

  5. thank you SO much for the portrait calendar….they are everything I tried to construct but always got chopped off in the printing LOL
    Your website totally satisfies my addiction!

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