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Scheduling Down Time

School started this week in my world. Soccer starts next week. On top of a full-time job and volunteer obligations, I found that my life got away from me last Autumn and we barely had time to breathe. To avoid that chaos and then anxiety it gives me, I’m trying something new this year. I’m scheduling actual down time. I’m blocking out entire evenings IN ADVANCE so that if something comes up, I have a reminder in my calendar about how important it is to just have some nights…simply at home. We’re trying to sell our house so sometimes those nights might be catching up on house work. Or maybe I’ll just veg out with the kids and watch our favorite superhero television. I’ll definitely cook a real meal on those nights since we do quick things like quesadillas or cereal on the other nights. It doesn’t matter what I do, what matters is that I am AT HOME and that I’m free to use that time how I best see fit.


Ideally I’d have two nights a week where I can block out “HOME” on the calendar, but I want to at least mandate one night a week. We don’t have soccer practice schedules yet, so I don’t know if that will be a possibility, but I really hope I can make it a priority. I think the “Something Every Night” scheduling causes me more problems than most – or else no one else talks about it. But those weeks where I work all day and then do soccer/meetings every night really take a toll on my mental health and with two kids who have their own mental health needs, it’s important I make sure to put my oxygen mask on first, so to speak.

Do you have to schedule downtime to remind yourself how important it is? Or are you one of those superheroes that can Go! Go! Go! every night and not suffer ill side effects?

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  1. “Down time” or “self-time”, whatever you want to call it, is as important as all the other things you have scheduled. It can be something as simple as “if I complete X, then I can play video game or watch TV or read for Y amount of time”. Even our cell phones need recharging!

  2. I have learned the hard way that I needed down time. I over taxed myself for the past two years, which only led to quite a few health issues. As a high school English teacher I quickly jumped on the bandwagon of bringing work home, to the point there was never a time I wasn’t doing “school work.” Then on top of that I was coaching soccer and a million other things. I’ll have to take this advice. I should schedule “me nights” in my planner. Thanks for the post.

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