Preserving Artifacts From A Vacation

I tried scrapbooking for about 5 minutes about 15 years ago. I loved the paper and the stamps and the beauty of it all – but I had ZERO patience and even less of an attention span which was needed for scrapbooking. Work so hard to document on birthday party? Nope. I couldn’t do it. I really wanted to document things, but I didn’t have the patience to do it beautifully. I wanted the gorgeous spreads my friends made, but I wanted to do them in 4 seconds. I bought all of the supplies and never made one scrapbook page for one scrapbook. EVER. I did start a blog in late 2003, so that helped fulfill my need to document, but it gave me no way to preserve artifacts like ticket stubs or invitations like the idea of scrapbooking did. Enter my bullet journal! And my #PlanDocumentCreate motto. Now I have a place to tape concert tickets and programs from plays!

I went on vacation last week to Denver, CO to visit my brother. We spent 5 days at a rental house in Breckenridge with his family and there was adventure and celebration and I had all of these artifacts I wanted to preserve somehow.


So I took about 30 seconds and taped them into my bullet journal. The race bib from the 10K we did the morning of the Fourth of July. The tickets and wristbands from the fun park we went to with the roller coaster and alpine slide. All of the artifacts preserved simply and quickly. Not as pretty as an actual scrapbook, but functional. And requires absolutely zero patience.

And then – the most hilarious thing of all happened. WE FOUND OUT WE MADE THE PAPER!


I don’t think I have been in the paper since small athletic accomplishments from high school in the early 90s! How hilarious that it happens when I’m out of town visiting my family! My brother and his wife entered us into the parade, rented a trailer, and they decorated it with the kids the day before Independence Day. It turned out GREAT! The beauty of the float combined with the location of the horses behind us in the parade meant that our picture ended up in the local paper. OF COURSE I HAD TO PRESERVE THAT! And what better way than in my bullet journal?

The vacation was a blast and now I have some special artifacts to remember it by, preserved on a shelf with all of my other memories from the last three years.

Do you preserve artifacts from events in your bullet journal?

Tools I Use:
Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Hardcover Dotted
Cover: Custom cover with trail marker from my favorite local race. Made by Makers South
Pens: Currently loving the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, Fine Point

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  1. Tina says:

    I like your idea about just taping the souvenirs/rememberances in the journal them in & having them to look back on, rather than saving them [forever] on the off-chance that you might decorate them and make a pretty scrap book page.

    Done is better than perfect! I’m with you on that one!

  2. Juliann says:

    I have been putting bits and bobs from travels in my journals and really need to clean out my scrapbooking stash because I don’t scrapbook anymore. I am sure there is someone who would love all that stuff. Fun journal ideas.

  3. Julie says:

    And I’ve found another fun thing to add, sort of a trip down memory lane…remember when we used to print photographs? from film ? šŸ™‚
    I have this box of old photos of my kids when they were little that never made it into albums (some of them not really “album worthy” actually but very true to life examples of our every day living–pictures we would delete from our digital camera today I bet). I decided that I would tape some of those old photos into my journal randomly and it makes me so happy when I get to those pages. Let’s face it–on some days I flip through the journal to find those photos–those pudgy knees…eyes peering over a countertop… the first day of first grade…it’s like a trip down memory lane any time I want. I am about to start a new journal and can’t wait to rummage through the box to find pictures to add šŸ™‚

  4. I do the same thing. flyers, ticket stubs, postcards, the little bits and pieces get taped or glued or stuck into my planner/journal. I love the lumpy, bumpy, less than perfect look. Much more fun that the picture perfect scrapbooking.

  5. I like the idea of documenting trips and such in this way. One other thing I do is carry an instant camera (polaroid zip) with me and place some of the photos in my planner/journal.

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