Photos And Bullet Journals

I’m old. Like…I used to take FILM from my camera to the STORE to be DEVELOPED and then I would use the MAIL to send picture to my family.


I do love how cameras and digital photography has made it easier to share photos with friends and family, but I really did miss printing up photos for framing or albums. While I never really got into scrapbooking to the beautiful extremes I know some people did, I always had new photos framed around my house or I put together albums to document trips and events. So, when I started bullet journaling it wasn’t long before I thought, Well, I could print up some photos to stick here and there as another way to mark the passage of time and key events…

And that’s when my motto: #PlanDocumentCreate was born.

Obviously we all know how bullet journaling is used to plan, and most of us also use it as a creative outlet in some capacity, but I also use my to document things like races or parties or adventures. I thought I would mention this here as I haven’t in awhile and I wanted to tell you how EASY it has been to print up photos lately! I put the CVS app on my phone (THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST!) and no matter where I am, I can send photos to print to the nearest CVS. When I hiked Mount LeConte in the Smokies, I sent photos from my phone to be printed in Knoxville. When I ran the 4 Bridges half marathon I printed them while I was still in Chattanooga. And for most of my life, I’m printing photos at one of the million CVSes in Huntsville, AL.

(There are not really a million, BUT IT SEEMS LIKE IT.)

I just don’t want you to steer clear of printing photos because it seems inconvenient when – if you use an app on your phone – that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Maybe you’d like to add photos to your bullet journal too! I’ll tell you this much, it really makes it even more fun to peruse past volumes when you add the periodic photos to the pages.

Do you add photos to your bullet journal?

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  1. I don’t add photos to my bujo, but I didn’t realize you could send and order for prints through a pharmacy app. There’s a CVS right down the street from me! Good tip! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have recently realized that my bullet journal is more of what is called a common-place journal because I tape/paste all kinds of stuff into it. Like candy wrappers and receipts and fortunes from cookies and brochures and stuff I cut out of magazines, etc. I haven’t done photos yet but I plan to. I’m going to get a Sprocket for myself for Christmas and I can’t wait. Whatever I call my book I still will always give credit to Ryder Carroll for coming up with it and BuzzFeed for making me aware of it. I love my book. I’m finishing my 7th volume now.

  3. Like Vicki I have a common-place journal for quotes, books read, art, mindmapping, journalling, sketches, diy ideas, recipes, travel plans and also concert tickets and photo’s. I have a Canon Selphy. I love that I can print just one or a few photo’s each time and the small credit card format is perfect for my A6 journals.

  4. Oh, gracious! What a fantastic idea. I was unaware that you could simply send photos from your phone to be printed down the street. Thank you for the tip!

  5. I add photos to mine! I just print them via WiFi to my printer at home. One time I ordered printer ink when Canon happened to be having some crazy deal and they sent me TEN boxes of 4×6 photo paper. I’m still on the first box! I also bought a Silhouette to make my own planner stickers and found it’s less bulky to print them in nice matte sticker paper and stick them in that way.

  6. I haven’t included photos in my bullet journal yet but I’m planning, too. I didn’t I could conveniently print photo through CVS app. Thanks for the tip!

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