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Happy Bullet Journal Birthday To Me!

Embarrassing Preface: I have not broken out my “real” camera to photograph my kids in MONTHS. But this morning? I dug it out to – basically – take pictures of a notebook I carry in my purse. For a blog entry I’m writing about that notebook. To celebrate that notebook’s birthday. Do I write blog …

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April Bullet Journal Download

Hey Guys, I’m improving my monthly templates from downloads I made for the monthly bullet journal pages I posted for download last time. The first batch was “Other People Want These” but I’ve kinda gotten used to them too so I’m making them better now that “Zoot Wants These”. Here is April Monthly Bullet Journal …

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The Post To (Maybe?) End All Bullet Journal Posts.

I’m a pen-and-paper list maker. I write grocery lists and To-Do lists. I itemize meeting agendas and project task sheets. I make lists of chores for the day and goals for the month. If there is a pen (a good pen, I do have standards) and a piece of paper nearby, I’m probably jotting down some sort of list. And no matter how tech savvy I am, the need to write things down – to A) remember them and B) organize them – always remains. So, when I discovered a video in 2013 introducing the Bullet Journal guide to living? I was hooked

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The Most Vague List Of Resolutions Ever In The History Of The World

I’ll be honest. I like New Year’s way better than Christmas. Christmas is fun – but I’m never sure the good balances out the bad. We had a rough month of repeated unexpected expenses and since we have a budget we really try to stick to (that also gives us a savings for REAL emergencies) …

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Merry Christmas To My Bullet Journal Peeps

Several of you have said the hardest part about converting to a bullet journal is giving up the traditional grid/monthly calendar view. And while I thought that would be hard, I was surprised how…not hard…it was. HOWEVER. I don’t want something THAT simple to keep you from trying it if you’re a pen and paper …

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How Can I Forget The Most Important Part?

How did I do an entire entry about Bullet Journals and not talk about my PENS. JenniferB asked about it and I couldn’t BELIEVE I left out the best part! My favorite pens to use – mainly because I like color. Uniball signo 207 (retractable) – GREAT color packs. Pilot Precise V5 – also great …