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To Ruler…Or Not To Ruler…

I have always had shaky hands. I blame it on being a smoker for 10 years (I know! I was young and in desperate need of “bad girl” status!) but I’m certain my 5 cups/day coffee habit doesn’t help either. I just do not – under any circumstances – have a steady hand. But I […]

Documenting part of the #PlanDocumentCreate

I like to explain that my bullet journal motto/approach can be summed up in the hashtag #PlanDocumentCreate. Most of my bullet journal goes to planning, but some of it also goes to Creating (like my ZenDoodle pages) and Documenting (movie tickets, kid’s art, birthday cards ect) things from my life. I had an interesting thing […]

Vertical Monthly Printables For The Rest Of 2016

I know it’s a bit late, but I built a few Portrait-Style monthly printables to finish out 2016. I’ve always had the Landscape Style pages on my printable page, but a few have asked for more vertical style pages. These are designed to fit my Leuchtturm 1917. So, if you use a Moleskine, you might […]

Keeping The House “Show Ready”

I feel like the ONLY person in the world some days who doesn’t subscribe to some sort of “Chore Every Day” method of keeping the house clean. I’ve tried, I follow several “Clean Mama” types on Instagram, I’ve studied the Fly Lady, I totally logically support all of their ideas/suggestions/tips/calendars. But I just can’t do […]

Summer Habit Tracker For Kids

I was trying to think of a way to track my kid’s habits this summer as to not find ourselves at the first of August thinking, “Did we even open a book all summer?” My natural parenting instincts are not that great and entire weekends are sometimes spent in front of the TV before I […]

Keeping Tabs

This is one of my first bullet journal volumes when I was still trying to experiment with tabs. I knew I wanted to tab monthly pages and kinda figured I should tab pages I flip to a lot, so from early on I put the monthly tabs on top and the content tabs on the […]

The LT1917 Transition

While it’s obvious to me, I’m not sure it’s obvious to everyone that there are three different journals represented in my collection. When I first started using the bullet journal system, I just used a cheap spiral notebook to make sure I even liked the system. Once I decided it would work for me, I […]

Handwriting Envy.

You can have a nice car, a huge house, a designer handbag and fingers dripping with diamonds and not even one spark of jealousy will fly from me towards you. But if you have nice handwriting? Please know there is a part of me that hates you. If I’m just taking notes for myself quickly […]

A New Variation On My Weekly/Daily Spread

I’ve never been one to write regularly on the backs of my pages in my bullet journal. (I use the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted.) Not because I can’t, the LT1917 paper is thick enough that it doesn’t create too much ghosting, even with my thick gel pens. I’ve just never felt like I needed […]

Monthly Pages And Planning For The Future

In order to “plan” for my future beyond the current month, I clip blank monthly pages to the back of my bullet journal and roughly scratch items on those pages as they come up. I use my own printables which are designed for my particular journal, the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted. They should work […]