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Don’t Tell My Bullet Journal, But I Bought A New Notebook.

Before I started using the bullet journal system three years ago, I would carry around as many as 4 notebooks/calendars with me at one given time. A small pocket calendar for my purse. A large planner for my work bag. A large journal/sketchbook. A small notebook. But the wonderful thing about the bullet journal is […]

A Surprisingly Useful Spread

Right before school let out for the summer, I decided I needed to map out our summer in terms of camps and daycares so I could A) budget childcare cost appropriately since my husband and I both work full time so childcare becomes more expensive during summer and B) make sure I chose camps for […]

Monday Mornings

Ideally, I find quiet time on Sunday to plan the upcoming week, but I’m inherently a Morning person and am most “clear” when I first wake up so most weeks I end up doing my planning on Monday morning. This morning I woke around 3:15am and got to work. This is the basic 2-page weekly […]


I’m not deliberately trying to make my bullet journals last a certain amount of time…actually, quite the opposite. I like the freedom the bullet journal system gives me so that if I suddenly need 10 pages for notes on a project at work, or a volunteer obligation, I can use them! 10 pages right there! […]

Note To Self

I shared a cropped version of this photo to Instagram yesterday. I’m really enjoying my new weekly spreads, I really liked the lettering I did on my headings, and I’m having fun with some new pens (I found out my new faves also come in a fine point!). All of this meant that I looked […]

To Ruler…Or Not To Ruler…

I have always had shaky hands. I blame it on being a smoker for 10 years (I know! I was young and in desperate need of “bad girl” status!) but I’m certain my 5 cups/day coffee habit doesn’t help either. I just do not – under any circumstances – have a steady hand. But I […]

Documenting part of the #PlanDocumentCreate

I like to explain that my bullet journal motto/approach can be summed up in the hashtag #PlanDocumentCreate. Most of my bullet journal goes to planning, but some of it also goes to Creating (like my ZenDoodle pages) and Documenting (movie tickets, kid’s art, birthday cards ect) things from my life. I had an interesting thing […]

Vertical Monthly Printables For The Rest Of 2016

I know it’s a bit late, but I built a few Portrait-Style monthly printables to finish out 2016. I’ve always had the Landscape Style pages on my printable page, but a few have asked for more vertical style pages. These are designed to fit my Leuchtturm 1917. So, if you use a Moleskine, you might […]

Keeping The House “Show Ready”

I feel like the ONLY person in the world some days who doesn’t subscribe to some sort of “Chore Every Day” method of keeping the house clean. I’ve tried, I follow several “Clean Mama” types on Instagram, I’ve studied the Fly Lady, I totally logically support all of their ideas/suggestions/tips/calendars. But I just can’t do […]

Summer Habit Tracker For Kids

I was trying to think of a way to track my kid’s habits this summer as to not find ourselves at the first of August thinking, “Did we even open a book all summer?” My natural parenting instincts are not that great and entire weekends are sometimes spent in front of the TV before I […]