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Notes On Another Bullet Journal Volume

(If you’re new to Bullet Journaling, may I direct you here?)

Volume 4 only ended up holding about 2 months since I started zendoodling in it. Unforunately, it wasn’t exactly 2 months so I put it on the shelf with about 8 blank pages still at the end and THIS MAKES ME VERY CRAZY. I don’t now why, but it does. BUT – not as crazy as it would have to start another volume on December 4th instead of December 1st.

Here’s a few notes on this volume.

  • I attempted keeping my daily pages separate from everything else by starting backwards and forwards at the same time (You would flip the book over for the other category) because this seemed interesting but it didn’t last long. I ended up duplicating all of the non-daily pages throughout the daily pages just because it was too annoying to keep flipping it. Great theory, didn’t work for me.
  • HOWEVER – this allowed me to pepper the pages I use from past journals throughout the daily pages which actually was much better in terms of tabbing. Usually I start a bullet journal and put all of the important pages in the beginning so that they’re there when I need them. Pages usually with information I consulted regularly from the past journal. Like my library volunteer schedule or project notes for work. BUT – that’s hard to tab since they’re all in the front of the new volume SO – I’m going to try to spread them out like I was forced to do with the last journal. Basically, I won’t transfer that page until the first time I need it, which means they should be spread out a bit – making it easier to tab them. (We will see how this experiment goes!)
  • I’m still loving using my bullet journal as a scrapbook with ticket stubs and kid’s drawing throughout it. I even handed it over to them once or twice to color on an actual page in the book itself. This will probably be what keeps me going with this method – the fact that it also allows me to preserve stuff from the kids which THEN allows me to throw other stuff away and not feel guilty! Win/Win!
  • I did find the lines a little distracting doing my doodles. I thought about switching to blank pages but NOT having lines for thinks like my calendar pages stressed me out. Luckily, I learned about DOTTED pages. They make moleskines with dots, so it’s more subtle than lines, but not completely free of guiding marks. Those pages are not bound in hard cover volumes, so we’ll see how I feel about a soft cover. I’ll report back on THAT experiment at the end of this volume!

The coolest thing about this has been that no two volumes have been exactly alike yet. I’m still working out ideas and methods so it makes them all unique and while I’m sure that won’t last forever, it is kinda neat to be able to test something out but if I hate it – I’ll know that I can ditch the idea on the next volume in 2-3 months. You can’t do that with daily planners. You’re stuck for the WHOLE YEAR which is why I always ended up using 3+ a year – trying to find the “perfect” one.


Bring on Volume 5!

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  1. Melinda says:

    I have used a couple of Behance dot grid journals in the past. Nice quality journals and they do have a hardcover. Might be worth checking out.
    I love your bullet journal updates and so glad the system is working for you. I haven’t quite found a perfect system for me yet but I’ll keep searching.

    1. If you’re looking for dotted in hardcover — check out Leuchtturm1917. Just a teeny bit wider than Moleskine, and the pages come pre-numbered to make indexing easier!

  2. I think I mentioned the backwards/ upside down method. For me I only use it for very listy lists that go over the year. I track my cycle (tmi…) and my run times etc. flipping around to write is done seldom but it is nice to know where the list EXACTLY is to show the dr …

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