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I shared a cropped version of this photo to Instagram yesterday. I’m really enjoying my new weekly spreads, I really liked the lettering I did on my headings, and I’m having fun with some new pens (I found out my new faves also come in a fine point!). All of this meant that I looked at these pages and this photos yesterday morning and I thought, “DAMN. This is NICE. I love my bullet journal!”

Then I scrolled through my instagram feed after I uploaded it.

And I started to feel inferior in EVERY WAY. Holy crap, there are some amazing bullet journalers out there. Their lines are perfect, their headings are gorgeous and their handwriting is the stuff of LEGENDS. Not to mention they have fun clips and tabs and POTTED PLANTS in their photos which make everything look so fancy and cool and I BECOME IRRATIONALLY JEALOUS AND FEEL INCREDIBLY INFERIOR.

I know that’s dumb, but I swear I get twitchy every time I scroll through my IG feed and see gorgeous/perfect spread after gorgeous/perfect spread. I start to wonder WHY I’m doing this when NOTHING I ever do will be as beautiful.

But then I opened my bullet journal to this spread again, and I glanced down at my “mindfulness” section. This is the section I created to remind myself that there are other things to do in the day besides the things on my “to do” list. Things to keep my anxiety in check. So? I added two mantras.


I’ve been using this Bullet Journal system of Planning, Documenting, and Creating for almost three years now. Three years exactly at the end of August. It’s been the best system for me as I previously went through at least 3 different calendars/planners a year and TWICE that many notebooks and journals. THIS IS A GREAT SYSTEM AND IT IS PERFECT FOR ME. I’m going to keep writing about it and photographing it because it brings me joy, and I’m going to try to be roused to create by those beautiful spreads and not intimidated into inaction.

Here’s to being proud of our own work and inspired by others, right?

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  1. I’ve given up on the expectation that I will ever have a neat and artsy bullet journal. I figure that whatever I’m capable of, as long as it works for me, is “just right.” I look at the posts on Instagram for inspiration, but I don’t compare myself to them because there is nothing to be gained from that. It’s not a competition.

  2. I love this entry. <3

  3. That’s how I feel when I look at yours and the others’ bullet journal pics. After feeling envious for way too long, I just go and do my own thing and make figure out a way to make it work.

  4. Willowwest says:

    Don’t feel bad!!!! My baby bullet journal is a hot mess! Seriously! I’m really trying to have it all pretty and organized like those on Instagram or Pinterest. Yeah, not gonna happen. (Secretly, I think those are props for photographing and the real ones are way less perfect.) Your journal is wonderful and inspiring. As long as you love it and it works, then it’s perfect for you.

  5. Juliann says:

    I just made a list of things to STOP doing this morning and comparison and envy are at the top of my list. I really appreciate how you share your work. Thank you

  6. Judy says:

    I just received my first BJ and am ready to begin entering. I hate to be weird but where do you fit in the daily pages? Can work with the monthly and weekly but this new daily is fantastic.

    1. Zoot says:

      I’ve started using a 2-page weekly spread and just doing my daily lists there instead of individual daily pages, that way it slows down how fast I fill up a book 🙂

  7. Well, that’s what most people feel about everyone else’s pictures! When we look at our own spreads, we can easily find the imperfections and things we don’t like, but when other people look at them, they just see something pretty. We often forget the beauty of our own things.

  8. Wahida Mostafa says:

    The thing to remember is it’s supposed to be productivity tool. As long as it produces the results you want…what does it matter how it looks. I am new to bullet journaling but i find great joy in getting tasks accomplished and also being able to record my daily notes. The beauty of the bullet journal lies in the eye of the beholder. If it sparks joy in you…thats all that matters.

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