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My bullet journal brings me joy (Do you see what I did there?) in many, many ways. Yet, for some reason, when I think of writing about it on this site I get the most INTENSE form of writer’s block. I think it’s because there’s just so many things I like to talk about regarding my bullet journal, so many things I’d like to review and critique. So, when I sit down to write here I get what I call “Anxiety Induced Paralysis” – I’m basically frozen into inaction by being overwhelmed by the possibilities.

So! Today I’m going to keep it simple and just tell you about my new daily spread.

I see a lot of beautiful daily spreads that obviously take a lot of time and require a lot of artistic skill. I don’t have a lot of either, so I’ve really never put a lot of thought into the spread itself. It’s basically a dated page with a “to do” list and that’s about it. But then I got a severe case of poison ivy and an infection and was taking a bunch of medicines I needed to keep track of and I happened to THEN see a weekly spread of a friend’s who kinda inspired me to re-think my daily spread.


As of right now my new daily page has three different “To Do” type categories: Work, Personal, Home. Then, on the right side of the page I have a thin column mostly dedicated to a health tracker where I list foods I’m eating (I’m training for a 100-miler right now so monitoring my food is necessary), the water I’m drinking, the medicines I’m taking, and my various forms of caffeine. Then, in a small block on the bottom right hand corner is my “mindfullness” section. I was talking to my therapist recently about my anxiety and she is worried staring at my “To Do” page all day on my desk might not be helping with my stress level, so she suggested I try to incorporate reminders to check in with myself and be mindful of my anxiety levels. That’s what that little corner is for.


I’m really loving this spread. It doesn’t take a lot longer to do than my old “Date in Banner At The Top” but it feels so much…prettier. I also like that it organizes my day into sections so I can document AND plan all on the same page. I don’t know if I’d need to document all of my “health” type stuff if I wasn’t training for a big race, but it’s not a bad habit to be in if you’re me and sometimes eat your feelings.

What about you? Do you have anything more to your daily page besides a “To Do” list? Do you track anything?

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  1. Right now I track our eleven week old puppy’s nap times and house accidents. I use the ribbon type at the bottom of the page, hourly from 7-11, blue is naps, yellow is, well, yellow because pee accidents happen.

    My page is simple, date. Top 2/3 is used for tasks. The right side of the top 2/3 I make notes of necessary. The bottom 1/3 is divided into two boxes, cook and appointments. The tracker is on the bottom row.

    I use a Leuchtturm1917, dotted and a Lamy Nexx fountain pen. The two coloured pens I use now are just cheap pale highlighters from Japan (via amazon, best washi tape too).

    Please keep writing!

  2. I have two daily to-do lists, one for self care and one for reality.
    I track my sleep, meds and a couple of other health related things (I have Fibro) on my monthly spread, which needs two pages!
    Mindfulness is a great idea, thanks. I’m currently reading Ruby Wax’s “Mindfulness for the frazzled” so a daily note re the current mindfulness task (there’s a 6 week course in the book) would be helpful.

  3. […] weeks and I’m already 1/3 of the way through it so I decided I needed to maybe STOP doing the pretty daily pages I started falling in love with or else I’d be filling up 5-6 journals a year instead of the 3 […]

  4. Jackie says:

    Love this comment: “sometimes eat your feelings.” That is sooo me!

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