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Keeping The House “Show Ready”

I feel like the ONLY person in the world some days who doesn’t subscribe to some sort of “Chore Every Day” method of keeping the house clean. I’ve tried, I follow several “Clean Mama” types on Instagram, I’ve studied the Fly Lady, I totally logically support all of their ideas/suggestions/tips/calendars.

But I just can’t do it. And this weekend I figured out why.

It’s because I like the feeling of that ONE DAY where every thing is perfect. We had a birthday dinner Sunday and for that dinner everything was freshly cleaned: Floors, bathrooms, shelves…it was all perfect for that one event and it felt GREAT. I think the daily upkeep method deprives me of that ON THIS DAY IT IS ALL PERFECT! feeling and that’s why I don’t do it.

But I have too, because our house is on the market.


So, this week? I’m trying again. The house was perfect on Sunday so I’m trying to keep up with some sort of “daily chore” schedule that will keep the house “show ready” constantly. We are doing showings “appointment only” since we have pets that have to be taken care of, so I always have time to do some last minute pick up, but this will keep me from having to scrub showers or mop floors.

Hopefully. If I can even stick to it. Which I probably won’t.

Do you use your bullet journal to manage any of your domestic responsibilities?

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  1. Karla says:

    Great to kbow I’m not the only one! I’ve even bought books on the topic!!
    I have a two year old, so it’s a little harder (contrary to popular belief, mothers don’t have eyes in the back of their heads!). But mostly, it’s down to my own apathy to shift my butt and follow any routine.
    I do use my bullet journal for daily chores, but to not feel overwhelmed I keep it to a maximum of four household tasks per day. Usually simple things like dishes, hoover, laundry (a load or two) and one bigger chore than has been calling for attention.
    I’m trying to plan a timetable spread for chores per week, but I can’t click with anything.

  2. Anna B says:

    The reason I love my bullet journal is because it can be a crazy collection of anything I might have to get done. I think the best way to manage domestic responsibilities would be to add a page about it to a bullet journal!

  3. I’ve got a similar problem 😀 Friday is our cleaning day, so Saturday is the best day to have guests 😀 But we also have a cat and it’s impossible to keep the flat clean – also because I just don’t have the time (and the energy) to do the chores every day after coming home from work. So no planning there. It wouldn’t be of any use. It’s not that I forget the chores, it’s just I can’t do them 😀

    Still, I also tried to take stuff with me if I leave the room and do the dishes right away instead of piling them in the sink. At least the flat is halway presentable that way.

  4. Emilie says:

    THANK YOU! I too feel like I should clean my baseboards on the third Tuesday and first Monday and do one load of laundry per day at the same time. It is not going to happen. I feel it should as I love lists and crossing things off but I can’t do it perfectly so therefore it does not get done at all.

    I have a space on my monthly lay out for “chores”, two only as they are things I need to do and seem to forget as they are not as visible chores.

    wash bedding twice
    wash towels twice

    I can seem to handle laundry and dishes with out a schedule; read as when the sink is full or we are out of underwear.
    We vacuum and do garbage on Tuesday night as the garbage is picked up on Wednesday. My boys each clean a bathroom on Saturday mornings.

    Also thank you for including how you use your journal, not just what the pages look like. I am struggling with carrying it around or having it by my bed, or having more than one.

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