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This is one of my first bullet journal volumes when I was still trying to experiment with tabs.


I knew I wanted to tab monthly pages and kinda figured I should tab pages I flip to a lot, so from early on I put the monthly tabs on top and the content tabs on the side.



But I hadn’t decided what type of tabs I liked the best (obviously) and I think I was overestimating how many times I would need content pages, using WAY too many tabs.

This is what my current volume looks like.


If you notice, there are no tabs on the side, only the monthly tabs along the top.


I decided I like the K&Company Fabric Tabs the best, although it’s really more about the feel of them than anything. When I first started bullet journaling you could find them at Target, but now I have to get them online and I’m super-paranoid that I’m the only one who uses them so they’ll quit making them. I’ve started cutting them in half to conserve them as opposed to buying stock piles of them.

(Although every time I look at my last pack I think: BUY STOCK PILES.)

I don’t have anything tabbed on the side on the current volume. The only thing I would tab I think would be game schedules for the kids as that is something I might consult regularly. Although, I also put those on my monthly pages so I’m not sure I would need to tab it. I guess we’ll see in the fall. I do categorize things with washi tape flags which you can kinda see here.


That gives a help when I’m hunting down specific pages. Categories are marked by specific colors of tape, in specific locations on the page. The one you see most is my “therapy” category because I’m working through a grief program right now that has homework and I keep my homework in my bullet journal. But I also mark work pages and pages for different volunteer organizations I’m part of. I don’t need to tab those type of things as I don’t flip to them regularly, but I do like to have them marked visually and on the index page.

So I guess I’ve become a tabbing minimalist. Months only for now. What about you? Do you tab at all?

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  1. Liz says:

    I have tabs on my month, my week, my current major project, and my workout logger. It was easier than flipping to the index and finding it each time; I keep drawing things or taking random notes, so it’s always further back than I expect. I love the idea of putting tabs on all the months. That makes a lot of sense for what I do, but I’ve just been migrating the tabs as the year moves on.

  2. Mitzie says:

    Hi, my name is Mitzie, & I’m a “tabber”. Your 1st BJ looks just like mine. lol I actually gasped when you did away with the side tabs! :-O I love the ability to do your own thing in your BJ. It has changed my life! Every thing in one place & saved me time looking for my notes!

  3. I love this post, thanks for writing it. I love how tabs, where they are and running out of them is all so important to you. I can totally relate to that myself! My use of tabs is very haphazard and it’s made me think a little more clearly about how to use mine in future. Thanks again.

  4. I can’t find those K&Company Fabric Tabs anywhere on line. Any help here would be appreciated. I live 50 miles from an interstate and we have few local options. It says Walmart might carry them, but I hate to go there, and they don’t show up there when I search online.

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