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How My Bullet Journal Helps Me Run

Last year I successfully completed running my first 100K with the help of my bullet journal. I have a bit of a chaotic life, so strict training plans have never suited me. So, I printed up a basic plan I found online and just tried to keep my weekly miles above the recommended goal. Beyond that? I would plan long runs first on Saturdays and Sundays based on the running schedules of my friends, and then I just filled in day to day whatever I could to try to meet my weekly goal. This is what my (ultimately successful) log looked like last year.


I am not doing a 100K this year (my husband is trying is first 100-miler in November and that would be too much) but I am trying for the same combo of races in November as I did last year: A 50K trail race on Saturday, followed by a road Marathon on Sunday. I’ve already signed up for the 50K but the marathon is the Flying Monkey and it’s lottery only. I’ll find out if I’m in no later than August 15th. I’m trying to be optimistic though, and decided to build my run log and training plan around getting in.

Since I successfully did the back-to-backs last year, I just basically used my run log from last year as my “weekly total goal” for this year. I don’t take racing very seriously. I’m a “completer” not a “competer” – meaning my goal is only ever to cross the finish line before the cutoff. That means I don’t have to stress out about types of runs (speed days or hill days or whatever days) and I don’t have to stress out about speed or time. For me? It’s just about getting the miles in however I can.


I’m coming off several complications in my running life so my base is not as strong as last year. (Most recently I had a bike wreck in Colorado which kept me off my feet for a couple of weeks.) But I’ve been trying to at least do 15-20 miles a week all summer, and am hoping a 30-mile week this week won’t be too much of a jump. Here’s to hoping this method of using my bullet journal to train will make me as successful this year as it did last year!

Tools I Use:
Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Hardcover Dotted
Cover: Custom cover with trail marker from my favorite local race. Made by Makers South
Pens: Currently loving the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, Fine Point

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  1. David Phelps says:

    Great post! Keeping a running log is what eventually led me to the bullet journal community. Good luck on the Flying Monkey. I’ve only read about it. Sounds awesome!

  2. I need to try something like that….journaling a training plan. After NOT running for months, I ran 1.5 miles yesterday. It was rough.

  3. I love your plan in your bullet journal. I’m not quite as ambitious (yet). Good luck with your races.

  4. I am doing something similar with the total miles for my running. I could not find a plan that really works with my schedule so I am making sure to get one long run on the weekends and three mid-runs. Hoping for a 100 mile total in August. I guess I should put a page in my new journal for this!

  5. 100K and 100 miles? Whoa! I’m dealing with a foot and toe injury that may end running for me. 🙁 Transitioning to bicycling, swimming, and the rowing machine instead. Your running page/plan has given me tracking ideas. Thanks!

  6. WTG! That’s a lot of miles.
    My goal is to beat the number of miles I ran last year. (As u get older, just keeping up is a goal.)
    I would like to include this challenge in my bujo, but not sure how to track it ?
    Any ideas?

  7. This is great. I’m starting a bullet journal to train for my first marathon and it’s helpful to see what other runners are doing to stay on track.

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