Getting Past The 3-Day Hump On Wellness Trackers.

I’ve tried a lot of different wellness/health trackers in my bullet journals since 2013 when I started using this method. And I noticed a trend. I seem to stop them all at the 3 day mark.

For 3 days I flip to the page and I chart my progress. And then day 4 theres…NOTHING.

It only took me about 20 minutes to find these three examples all grabbed from the last 3 volumes of bullet journals on my shelves. If I kept going I’m pretty sure we’d see more of the same. Three days of tracking and then….CRICKETS.

BUT NOT THIS MONTH! This month I’m trying something new. First? I created really simple goals that are totally within my reach. 1) Drink 1 class of water. 2) Get 20 minutes of exercise. 3) Mindful eating (basically just THINKING about what I’m eating instead of blindly stuffing all of the food in my face when I’m sad/stressed/angry). 4) No more than 1 beer. Not only are each of these goals ATTAINABLE on most days, but I came up with a design/layout that basically means that as long as I do reach ONE of the goals, I get to color in something on my page!

Now, as you can see I’ve tracked THREE DAYS BEAUTIFULLY! And since this plan allows me to color something in EVERY day, as long as I do at least one of these things, then I really think I’ll stick with this one! I mean, I should at least be able to drink a glass of water every day (I’m a caffeine addict, I rarely drink water) so as long as I do that then no day will be “empty” which might make me more motivated to fill it out!

Of course, it also might not. WE WILL SEE AFTER TODAY! Here’s to Day 4!

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  1. I love this goal. Easier task goals with a simpler layout to show even the small steps. Wonderful inspiration!

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