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Someone told me recently they were SHOCKED! I didn’t have an office supply category. And so am I? Who dropped the ball there? Well. I just made one and hopefully I’ll add some of my other geeky entries to it for the future.

SO! I’m still using the bullet journal but I’ve made a few adjustments to my life to compensate.

The bullet journal does such a good job eliminating my constantly creation of random lists, that I no longer had random pieces of paper around to scratch stuff down on for work or life. You know – quick notes I only need for a few minutes or a few hours. I tried just grabbing paper off the printer but that seemed like a HUGE waste. So! I bought a grid notebook. I’ve never been one to use graph paper for stuff, but ever since I saw the guy use it in the original bullet journal video, I’ve been curious if I would like it. This seemed like an excellent time to try!

Also, because I was at Staples, I checked out their new/sale pens. And – because I’m an addict – I bought a few to try. I don’t know if they’ll replace my faves for my bullet journal (signo 207 and precise V5) but I really like them! They’re both uni-ball (I tend to really like uni-ball). One is the uni-ball VISION roller (the purple pen) and I mainly bought it because…PRETTY COLORS! It came in a fine point, and it writes well. I like it. The other is the same but it’s a VISION ELITE which means it has fancy hatch patterns on the case. ELITE! It only came in bold, which I don’t mind periodically. But it’s pretty too!

So – they’re both pretty looking – which I usually don’t go for. And they write as well as all of my uni-balls so I like them! A nice change to go with my graph paper.

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