Documenting part of the #PlanDocumentCreate

I like to explain that my bullet journal motto/approach can be summed up in the hashtag #PlanDocumentCreate. Most of my bullet journal goes to planning, but some of it also goes to Creating (like my ZenDoodle pages) and Documenting (movie tickets, kid’s art, birthday cards ect) things from my life. I had an interesting thing to document this week: A label from Crowler of a limited release beer from a local brewery.


1) Celebrating what the state of Alabama was calling “Growler Day” which was June 1st, and the day breweries could finally sell beer from the brewery itself for people to leave with thanks to the passing of the beer to-go law. Most of the time we have to either drink the beer there in the tap room (which is not always convenient) or buy bottled/canned releases from local stores (which is not an option for limited releases because the cost of bottling/canning would be too great). For beer lovers in Alabama this was a GREAT DAY!

2) Celebrating one local brewery’s response to the Gubernatorial scandal in the state. I’m a big fan of local business who can find silver lining in the tragedy that has become Alabama politics.

While I’m not normally a pale ale fan, this one wasn’t too bad as it did have a fruity flavor mixed in with the hoppy flavor I don’t usually like. I bought it, I drank it, and I stuck the label in my bullet journal to celebrate the occasion. This will be one of the many pages I look back on when I’m feeling reflective and will laugh over something I would probably normally have forgotten.

It’s like scrapbooking for the non-crafty beer drinker.

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