The Constants.

All of my bullet journals (this next one will be volume 10 if you can believe it!) are very different. I didn’t start using them as scrapbooks until the 2nd or 3rd volume so the first few don’t have things like race bibs or ticket stubs or kid’s artwork taped throughout. Some months I’m tracking things (like Christmas spending) I don’t track other months so those volumes will differ for those reasons. Sometimes I’m trying new things (like a doodle-a-day challenge) that I fail miserably at so they only show up in one volume and never again. Some things I’m constantly trying – like different weekly spreads – but since I haven’t settled on one style yet they differ in every volume. Here’s the current one I’m testing:


But for each volume, there are the constants. First and foremost, obviously, is the index page. (Sticker compliments of the local Green Pea Press.)


Secondly is the monthly page. I didn’t start doing the printables until my 2nd volume, but the right-side page has been a constant across all 10 volumes.


I plan for future months by keeping the printables clipped to the back cover in every volume. My first volume, pre-printable, I think I had a “future dates” page I just wrote things on. But I’ve been using this method of “future planning” for several volumes now and I don’t see any reason why I would adopt a different method since it works so beautifully.


And finally? The daily pages. Now, the daily pages are a constant but their look has changed. I take more time to be a little artistic with the headers now, as I find it relaxing. And every day has different sections based on what’s going on that day. Maybe I’m planning a grocery trip, maybe I’m cleaning out a closet, maybe I’ve got big work projects going on. Day to day the pages may look drastically different, but there will always be daily pages in every volume!


What are your constant pages found in all of your completed bullet journals?

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  1. Carolyn Green says:

    Thank you for the free printable calendar. I have tried various methods to keep track of things. This is a new way that I’m excited to try.

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