The Evolution Of My Daily Pages

One of the photos I included yesterday was a shot of one of my first daily pages. I was basically just making “to do” lists and decorating them with washi tape and stickers. And those were good days when I did that. A lot of days I just sloppily scratched lists not recognizing the therapeutic […]

Transferring Information To The New Journal

I’m two weeks away from starting another volume (#11!) in my bullet journal life – so it’s time to start transferring important information over to the next volume. I only transfer pages that I’ll need to reference regularly over the next three-four months. I’m not transferring my kid’s summer schedule because school has started, but […]

Scheduling Down Time

School started this week in my world. Soccer starts next week. On top of a full-time job and volunteer obligations, I found that my life got away from me last Autumn and we barely had time to breathe. To avoid that chaos and then anxiety it gives me, I’m trying something new this year. I’m […]

When Do I Finish One Volume And Start Another?

I’ve been using the bullet journal system for almost 3 years now and I’m putting an average of about 3 months into each volume. I like starting a new volume at the first of the month, so there are some volumes with blank pages at the end and one with a LOT of blank pages […]

Keeping The House “Show Ready”

I feel like the ONLY person in the world some days who doesn’t subscribe to some sort of “Chore Every Day” method of keeping the house clean. I’ve tried, I follow several “Clean Mama” types on Instagram, I’ve studied the Fly Lady, I totally logically support all of their ideas/suggestions/tips/calendars. But I just can’t do […]

Keeping Tabs

This is one of my first bullet journal volumes when I was still trying to experiment with tabs. I knew I wanted to tab monthly pages and kinda figured I should tab pages I flip to a lot, so from early on I put the monthly tabs on top and the content tabs on the […]

Categories and Washi Tape

I’ve seen variations of category indexing before but have never needed it for my bullet journal. However, last night I decided with some new challenges in my life, to do a similar indexing myself. I have three categories of obligations that sometimes get their own pages in terms of planning or information storage. I have […]

Migrating Pages From Old Volumes To New

It’s about to be January 1st and – while I won’t have filled up my last Leuchtturm yet – I’m still going to start a new one for the new year. The one I start for the new year will be volume 10 as I’ve been doing this for over two years now and I […]

Bullet Journaling: The Bare Essentials

A few people recently asked me…I’m thinking about starting bullet journaling, but what are the minimum requirements? I probably make bullet journals look INSANE with my bag of pens and my customized folio and my washi tape and stickers. But y’all? You don’t need ANY of that. All you need is a blank journal and […]

The Post To (Maybe?) End All Bullet Journal Posts.

I’m a pen-and-paper list maker. I write grocery lists and To-Do lists. I itemize meeting agendas and project task sheets. I make lists of chores for the day and goals for the month. If there is a pen (a good pen, I do have standards) and a piece of paper nearby, I’m probably jotting down some sort of list. And no matter how tech savvy I am, the need to write things down – to A) remember them and B) organize them – always remains. So, when I discovered a video in 2013 introducing the Bullet Journal guide to living? I was hooked