Don’t Tell My Bullet Journal, But I Bought A New Notebook.

Before I started using the bullet journal system three years ago, I would carry around as many as 4 notebooks/calendars with me at one given time. A small pocket calendar for my purse. A large planner for my work bag. A large journal/sketchbook. A small notebook. But the wonderful thing about the bullet journal is […]

Keeping Tabs

This is one of my first bullet journal volumes when I was still trying to experiment with tabs. I knew I wanted to tab monthly pages and kinda figured I should tab pages I flip to a lot, so from early on I put the monthly tabs on top and the content tabs on the […]

The LT1917 Transition

While it’s obvious to me, I’m not sure it’s obvious to everyone that there are three different journals represented in my collection. When I first started using the bullet journal system, I just used a cheap spiral notebook to make sure I even liked the system. Once I decided it would work for me, I […]

My New Favorite Pens

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a very monogamous pen user. I like to keep an open relationship with my pens so that I’m free to try new ones any time I want. For this reason, I don’t spend a lot of money on pens. I don’t use fountain pens or brush pens. I like pens I can […]

Bullet Journaling: The Bare Essentials

A few people recently asked me…I’m thinking about starting bullet journaling, but what are the minimum requirements? I probably make bullet journals look INSANE with my bag of pens and my customized folio and my washi tape and stickers. But y’all? You don’t need ANY of that. All you need is a blank journal and […]

The Post To (Maybe?) End All Bullet Journal Posts.

I’m a pen-and-paper list maker. I write grocery lists and To-Do lists. I itemize meeting agendas and project task sheets. I make lists of chores for the day and goals for the month. If there is a pen (a good pen, I do have standards) and a piece of paper nearby, I’m probably jotting down some sort of list. And no matter how tech savvy I am, the need to write things down – to A) remember them and B) organize them – always remains. So, when I discovered a video in 2013 introducing the Bullet Journal guide to living? I was hooked