2016 Printable Bullet Journal Calendar Pages Are HERE! Free!

THEY ARE HERE! Part of why I launched a new instagram account this week is I was almost done with my monthly download pages. I’ve had a few people email me recently asking when they’ll be ready and HERE THEY ARE! Free for your taking! They fill a Moleskin 5in x 8.25in page almost completely, […]

2015 Bullet Journal Pages Are Here!

I apologize for the break in the normal NaBloPoMo programming…feel free to move a long if you are not a bullet journaler. But – if you’re NOT a bullet journaler – maybe you should go here and read all about it. Back by popular demand! I’ve got the FREE 2015 Monthly Bullet Journal Calendar pages […]

2014 Calendar Pages for the Bullet Journal

2015 monthly pages are here! Click below to go to the FREE download page for your 2015 bullet journal monthly pages! Here are the updated pages I made for free download for the rest of 2014: October November December

Merry Christmas To My Bullet Journal Peeps

Several of you have said the hardest part about converting to a bullet journal is giving up the traditional grid/monthly calendar view. And while I thought that would be hard, I was surprised how…not hard…it was. HOWEVER. I don’t want something THAT simple to keep you from trying it if you’re a pen and paper […]