Do You Prefer A Monday or Sunday Start To The Week On A Monthly View?

Since I only have the current week and current month in my bullet journal active at one time, future planning became a challenge. I compensated for this by printing up a month’s worth of monthly pages and keeping them clipped to the back of my notebook. I call these the “scratch” pages because – as […]

A Surprisingly Useful Spread

Right before school let out for the summer, I decided I needed to map out our summer in terms of camps and daycares so I could A) budget childcare cost appropriately since my husband and I both work full time so childcare becomes more expensive during summer and B) make sure I chose camps for […]

Monday Mornings

Ideally, I find quiet time on Sunday to plan the upcoming week, but I’m inherently a Morning person and am most “clear” when I first wake up so most weeks I end up doing my planning on Monday morning. This morning I woke around 3:15am and got to work. This is the basic 2-page weekly […]

Keeping The House “Show Ready”

I feel like the ONLY person in the world some days who doesn’t subscribe to some sort of “Chore Every Day” method of keeping the house clean. I’ve tried, I follow several “Clean Mama” types on Instagram, I’ve studied the Fly Lady, I totally logically support all of their ideas/suggestions/tips/calendars. But I just can’t do […]

A New Variation On My Weekly/Daily Spread

I’ve never been one to write regularly on the backs of my pages in my bullet journal. (I use the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted.) Not because I can’t, the LT1917 paper is thick enough that it doesn’t create too much ghosting, even with my thick gel pens. I’ve just never felt like I needed […]

Monthly Pages And Planning For The Future

In order to “plan” for my future beyond the current month, I clip blank monthly pages to the back of my bullet journal and roughly scratch items on those pages as they come up. I use my own printables which are designed for my particular journal, the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted. They should work […]

My New Daily Spread

My bullet journal brings me joy (Do you see what I did there?) in many, many ways. Yet, for some reason, when I think of writing about it on this site I get the most INTENSE form of writer’s block. I think it’s because there’s just so many things I like to talk about regarding […]

Categories and Washi Tape

I’ve seen variations of category indexing before but have never needed it for my bullet journal. However, last night I decided with some new challenges in my life, to do a similar indexing myself. I have three categories of obligations that sometimes get their own pages in terms of planning or information storage. I have […]

The Constants.

All of my bullet journals (this next one will be volume 10 if you can believe it!) are very different. I didn’t start using them as scrapbooks until the 2nd or 3rd volume so the first few don’t have things like race bibs or ticket stubs or kid’s artwork taped throughout. Some months I’m tracking […]

Migrating Pages From Old Volumes To New

It’s about to be January 1st and – while I won’t have filled up my last Leuchtturm yet – I’m still going to start a new one for the new year. The one I start for the new year will be volume 10 as I’ve been doing this for over two years now and I […]