Testing Out A 2-Week Layout…Again?

I’ve been bullet journaling so long that I honestly have no idea what I have and have not done before. I’m pretty sure I previously used a 2-week layout at some point in my bullet journaling history, but if I have, it’s been so long that this feels new. My work schedule has changed a […]

Self Care Chart

As summer bids farewell and the cool air rolls into Alabama, I start to remember that I HATE COLD WEATHER. I know this is hilarious to some of you because I live where there are very mild winters. And winter allows me to do my favorite hobby – Trail Running – without snakes our poison […]

No Frills Bullet Journaling

Here is my first bullet journal, started 4 years ago this month! In the four since since I’ve started this system (I’m currently on volume 14) I’ve made some really beautiful spreads and pages using washi tape and zendoodles and brush markers and stickers and hand lettering…and…and… You get the point. But most days? 99% […]

The Evolution Of My Daily Pages

One of the photos I included yesterday was a shot of one of my first daily pages. I was basically just making “to do” lists and decorating them with washi tape and stickers. And those were good days when I did that. A lot of days I just sloppily scratched lists not recognizing the therapeutic […]

Transferring Information To The New Journal

I’m two weeks away from starting another volume (#11!) in my bullet journal life – so it’s time to start transferring important information over to the next volume. I only transfer pages that I’ll need to reference regularly over the next three-four months. I’m not transferring my kid’s summer schedule because school has started, but […]

Scheduling Down Time

School started this week in my world. Soccer starts next week. On top of a full-time job and volunteer obligations, I found that my life got away from me last Autumn and we barely had time to breathe. To avoid that chaos and then anxiety it gives me, I’m trying something new this year. I’m […]

How My Bullet Journal Helps Me Run

Last year I successfully completed running my first 100K with the help of my bullet journal. I have a bit of a chaotic life, so strict training plans have never suited me. So, I printed up a basic plan I found online and just tried to keep my weekly miles above the recommended goal. Beyond […]

My Secret Confession: I like Mondays.

Mondays. It’s so cool and trendy to hate Mondays, but you know what? I like them. I like them A LOT. First of all, weekends are exhausting in our world so Mondays tend to bring calm again. But also? That’s the “start” of my week when I’m planning so everything is fresh and full of […]

When Do I Finish One Volume And Start Another?

I’ve been using the bullet journal system for almost 3 years now and I’m putting an average of about 3 months into each volume. I like starting a new volume at the first of the month, so there are some volumes with blank pages at the end and one with a LOT of blank pages […]

The Random Lists In A Bullet Journal

Obviously with the #PlanDocumentCreate motto I love those three main things about bullet journaling: I can plan, I can draw, I can preserver. Movie tickets, vacation plans, zendoodles…these things represent the most common pages in my bullet journal. However, the other thing I love about the Bullet Journal system is the ability to combine all […]