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Categories and Washi Tape

I’ve seen variations of category indexing before but have never needed it for my bullet journal. However, last night I decided with some new challenges in my life, to do a similar indexing myself. I have three categories of obligations that sometimes get their own pages in terms of planning or information storage. I have my job and my two volunteer positions. I decided with this volume of my bullet journal to do a category index on the back page of my bullet journal delineating those three things. Next to each category I taped a piece of wash tape.


And then, when I have a page from that category – like last night’s speech notes to earn the new position in our track club – I mark the edge of that page with the same washi tape in the same location as on the category index page. That is the key: THE SAME TAPE AND SAME LOCATION.


And then…when you look at the book closed you can easily see your category pages for quick flipping. Now, is this as easy to locate as tabbing a page? No. Will I still put the details of the page on my regular index? Yes. But I don’t like to tab pages unless I consult them daily and I don’t like flipping to my index constantly. So this seems like a good in-between type way to make some pages easier to reference.

Plus? It just looks cool.


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  1. I wanted to start a category tracker but didn’t want to use the highlighter system. This is a more creative replication of that. Thanks!

  2. Donna says:

    The washi tape is a great idea, but the idea of keeping the index at the back of the journal is brilliant. It elimayes the need to guess how many index pages you will need. Love it!

    1. Mitzie says:

      I agree with you Donna. This is my 1st BUJO & I had already started to have trouble with the Index. I think it’ll be better in the back. I also like the washi tape idea. We learn as we go, Yes?

  3. That’s awesome. I’m going to try it.

  4. […] I wanted to show what my bullet journal looked like at the halfway point. The first page of the index is full, but luckily the Leuchtturm 1917 has a few built-in pages of index in case I wanted to index every page, which I don’t. I don’t index my weekly or daily pages. I do flag the weekly pages with a piece of wash page on the top, but they don’t go in the index. And I flag certain categories with different colors and locations of washi tape which I define on a back page. (I explained this method of marking category pages here.) […]

  5. Jane says:

    I’m just setting up my bujo and am so grateful to have this idea. It makes so much more sense doing it your way. Thanks!

  6. Felicia says:

    Bullet journal newbie and think this is a great idea. Been struggling with a one journal idea for so many different “hats” I wear. This may be the thing to help me stick with bullet journaling.

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