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Bullet Journal Updates

The more I use my bullet journal, the more I want to make out with it and make sacrifices to the Office Supply gods for introducing it to me and allowing it to CHANGE MY DAMN LIFE.

Inbox Zero

I’ve never, EVER, been able to really hope or dream of having the whole Inbox Zero thing in my life. I use my inbox as a “To Do” list for all three of my email accounts. There’s my work email, my blog email, and my every-day-non-work-non-blog email. All three of those accounts are like permanent “To Do” lists in my life. And before the bullet journal? They just added to the million other various lists I had in my life.

But now? I just convert my inbox emails to items in my bullet journal. And then? AND THEN? INBOX ZERO. It’s amazing.

I don’t necessarily keep it up daily, but several times a week when I have my bullet journal at my side and my laptop in my lap, I convert all emails in my inbox that I’m not archiving because they require action. I convert them to items in my To Do list in my bullet journal. BAM. Clean inbox. I sleep much better at night this way.


Work Tasks

Several of you asked me how I handle work stuff, do I mix the two on one page or what? Well…it really depends on what I have going on. Right now I have a few different projects I’m working on. Each of those projects has it’s own page in my bullet journal. And what I do – is I use my DAILY To Do page as an index for my Work To Do.

I create the “Work” section at the top of the page, as you see above, and I list the pages the various projects are on that need addressing. At least once a week those work pages change so on the next daily To Do they’ll have a different index. I’m not sure if this would work for every job, but for mine? It’s perfect. Each project has always needed it’s own page in my life anyway – it was just a matter of how to include that page on my daily To Do lists. Now? Easy Breezy.

In case you missed it – I’m trying to get to 4,999 entries by the end of the year. This means I’ll be posting double most days so feel free to either follow me in your favorite feed reader (I’m trying out Bloglovin but I’m also still using feedly because I don’t know if I like either of them yet) or…SUBSCRIBE ON MY SIDEBAR! How awesome is that? I’ve been meaning to add that for awhile and keep forgetting but it turns out there are 27 people already using it. Don’t ask me HOW they figured out how to do it, they’re obviously smarter than me. Anyway! Subscribe! And (hopefully) receive email notifications when I post!

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  1. Ksmaybe says:

    If you need more ideas for posts….more bullet journal how tos! I think this would be awesome for me but I’m stymied on how to actually start.

  2. Roseann says:

    I agree on the bullet journal how-to’s! I love peeking into someone else’s inner sanctum like this!

    As one of the subscribers, I did that because I am often up and around at the same time you are every morning, and I like getting the email updates to my phone, so I don’t even have to go get me my daily (now double daily) dose of ZOOT- it comes straight to me!

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