My name is Kim but I also answer to Zoot which is a derivative of a childhood nickname. I have been a planner addict my entire adult life. I never made it through an entire year without at least 2 different planners because I never really found a system that worked for me. Then I discovered this Bullet Journaling video and almost 3 years later I’m still using the system, although each volume is a little different from the last. During the adoption process I chronicled my methods and changes on my personal blog and eventually felt like I need a “bullet journal space” because I worried it was taking over my site. I started my instagram account and had so much fun with it, I decided I need to just move all of my bullet journal stuff into one location and this website was born! I imported all of my old blog entries so some of them still link back to my personal blog, but I’m hoping to eventually get all of that cleaned up.

My Current Bullet Journal

IMG_0984As of the time of this writing I’m currently using a Leuchtturm1917 hard cover journal with dotted pages wrapped in a Fossil Keyper e-reader case that I bought for my kindle a million years ago. My favorite pens are Pentel Energel 0.7 retractables but I’ll replace that first place spot with the Signo 307 if they ever make more than just your standard colors of it. I’m also known to use Staaedtler fineliner pens sometimes for a variety – but they’re a distinct third place overall. I use the basics of the original system: Blank Notebook. Index Page. List Pages. But I also decorate pages with washi tape, throw in pages just for coloring or zendoodling, and periodically use it as a scrapbook for wedding invitations or movie ticket stubs. But in it’s entirety? It brings me joy. It allows me to Plan my days, Document my life, and Create art no matter where I am or what I’m doing. That’s why you’ll often see me hashtag things #PlanDocumentCreate.

This website will definitely be a work in progress for awhile. I’m hoping by the first of the year to have the framework exactly how I want it so that I can spend 2016 filling it with page examples, printables, and reviews.

Thank you for visiting.