A New Variation On My Weekly/Daily Spread

I’ve never been one to write regularly on the backs of my pages in my bullet journal. (I use the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted.) Not because I can’t, the LT1917 paper is thick enough that it doesn’t create too much ghosting, even with my thick gel pens. I’ve just never felt like I needed to write on the backs of pages…I usually just tape things to the backs of pages, race bibs, ticket stubs etc. However, I’ve only been using this volume for 3 weeks and I’m already 1/3 of the way through it so I decided I needed to maybe STOP doing the pretty daily pages I started falling in love with or else I’d be filling up 5-6 journals a year instead of the 3 I currently do (approximately). SO! I decided to play around with a weekly format that combines my daily lists instead of a separate weekly spread from my daily pages.


I think this will be nice as a lot of the things I put on my daily pages are repeated every day, and that feels wasteful. Like my “love list” which is basically like a prayer list for a religious person. Or my “mindfullness” section which I fill with small reminders of how to stay focused and aware of my anxieties throughout my day. I spiral some days and my mindfulness reminders are supposed to help me with that.

SIDENOTE: I JUST REALIZED I MISSPELLED MINDFULNESS ON MY WEEKLY PAGE. Because as typing this entry “mindfullness” got a red squiggly line. Dammit analog paper/pen combo for not spellchecking me. HA! Nothing like a giant spelling error staring at me all week to make me insane. I guess I have to remind myself that learning to embrace my mistakes was a therapeutic part of using the bullet journal method of planning, DO NOT OBSESS OVER THE MISTAKES, ZOOT.

ANYWAY…some of those sections that were on my daily pages are the same every day, so this is a more economical use of the paper.

However, the potential “con” would be I lose that meditation in the morning of preparing my daily page. I like doing that every morning and I’m not sure filling out this column on my weekly spread will suffice. We’ll see. Maybe I can use that time in the morning to do some zendoodling. I’ve fallen out of the habit and I really want to get back into now that I have new favorite pens that I’m loving. We’ll see. I’ll update next week with any modifications to the spread or decisions to abandon it all together. What do you put on a weekly spread if you do one like this?

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  1. Shannan says:

    I work part-time so I am in the office Monday to Wednesday and home Thursday to Sunday. I have a planner/diary as well as a Bullet Journal because it just works for me. If there are urgent or important things I need to remember – like kids projects, birthdays, gifts to buy, library days at school etc I put it in my planner. I then make a page in my bullet journal for each four-day weekend of things I want to achieve but aren’t day specific – housework, errands, things I want to cook, shopping lists etc. This was always just a list under the heading Weekend To Do’s (Date) but last weekend I tried your layout style of breaking the page into boxes – Things To Cook (I love cooking), Shopping/Errands, To Do’s and Appointments. Always good to try out new ways!

  2. I’m thinking about it too. Repeating the same things in weeklies and dailies really feels wasteful. Maybe I will reserve weekly spreads for my to-dos, tasks etc. and dailies for journaling and gratitude?

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  4. desire says:

    I haven’t figured out yet what exactly I want in my bullet journal lol….I have tried a few different ways. I know that I need a monthly spread and a weekly spread but I also felt like it wasn’t enough in my journal and I ended up going two weeks at a time without filling it in. I am glad to know that I am not the only one still not 100% certain on what to do or like. I like the previous comment…I will try the weekly spread and save my dailies for journaling and ideas/extras.

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