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31 Days of Bullet Journal Joy

Another bonus entry for my bullet journal peeps! An instagram photo challenge for October.

For October! 31 Days of Bullet Journal Joy. #bulletjournal

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1) monthly outlook What does your monthly page look like?

2) page you consult most Which page do you flip back to the most often?

3) fave writing implement Pen? Pencil? Fountain pen?

4) do you doodle? If so, let me see!

5) show me your index What does your index page look like?

6) how do you plan ahead? If you have an upcoming event without a monthly page yet…what do you do with it?

7) healthy habits Do you use your bullet journal to log food? Exercise? Meal plans?

8) when do you plan? Do you plan your next day at night before bed? Or in the morning over coffee?

9) bookworm Do you have a Books To Read list? Or Books I’ve Read? Or Book release dates of note?

10) gift giving Do you keep lists for gift ideas?

11) big project page Show me a big project you’re working on.

12) OOPS. What do you do when you mess something up? White out? Washi tape?

13) your professional life Do you bullet journal for work?

14) your personal life Do you bullet journal personal events?

15) show me your stash I want to see where you keep your supplies!

16) do you tab? What do you use tabs for? What kind do you like?

17) favorite journal Moleskine? Leuchtturm1917?

18) dots, grid, lines or blank?! What type of paper do you like?

19) stickers: yay or nay? Do you decorate your pages?

20) the mundane Grocery lists? Chore lists?

21) travel plans Do you plan trips with your bullet journal?

22) shelf of glory! Show me where the bullet journals go when they’re full!

23) want to washi? How do you use washi tape?

24) colors Do you use one color of ink per page? Do you like color at all?

25) keepsake pages Do you save things on your pages from events – like programs or movie tickets?

26) dear diary Do you write in your bullet journal about your day?

27) protecting the goods Do you have a cover of some sort?

28) to do Just your basic To Do list

29) wish lists Show me your wish list

30) hand lettering Do you hand letter anything?

31) how full is full? Show me a FULL bullet journal.

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  1. Roseann says:

    Reading your list gives me a ton of ideas of pages to add to my Bullet journal. Thanks šŸ™‚

  2. So excited to find your Bullet Journal postings! Thanks for your downloads and showing your pages. BTW–what pens do you use? I have a pen obsession, totally out of control since I discovered JetPens…

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