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Goodbye Volume 15, Hello Volume 16.

Since my work situation has changed and my bullet journal was full of unnecessary work pages and labels, I decided to end put volume 15 on the shelf before it was full. I have done this before for various reasons, if the new year starts and I’m past halfway on a journal I’ll go ahead […]

Testing Out A 2-Week Layout…Again?

I’ve been bullet journaling so long that I honestly have no idea what I have and have not done before. I’m pretty sure I previously used a 2-week layout at some point in my bullet journaling history, but if I have, it’s been so long that this feels new. My work schedule has changed a […]

Self Care Chart

As summer bids farewell and the cool air rolls into Alabama, I start to remember that I HATE COLD WEATHER. I know this is hilarious to some of you because I live where there are very mild winters. And winter allows me to do my favorite hobby – Trail Running – without snakes our poison […]

2018 Monthly Printables are Here!

As always – please know I do these for free as a labor of love! We have portrait style and landscape style, Monday start and Sunday start options. Also – these should fit in a standard Moleskine or Leuchtturm1917 journal. If you have any problems, please email me: Portrait Style SUNDAY START January 2018 […]

No Frills Bullet Journaling

Here is my first bullet journal, started 4 years ago this month! In the four since since I’ve started this system (I’m currently on volume 14) I’ve made some really beautiful spreads and pages using washi tape and zendoodles and brush markers and stickers and hand lettering…and…and… You get the point. But most days? 99% […]

Fighting Bullet Journal Insecurities

I’ve been bullet journaling for almost 4 years now. I first started writing about it on my personal blog and got enough traffic about it that I started this site over here so I wouldn’t confuse any people there for information about bullet journaling when I started to write about boob sweat and politics. (If […]

Mindful March

Life has been crazy in my world and my only goal for this month is to really be mindful. I tend to have so many items on my “To Do” list every day that I franctically zig and zag through my days without really ever taking a moment to breathe. So, I’m not setting any […]

The Year I Try Time Blocking

I am trying to get a handle on the choas in my life right now. I don’t feel like it’s permanent chaos (a lot of it is related to a potential move or other temporary projects) or else I’d make some changes to remove some of it. Instead, I’m just trying to figure out how […]

2017 Monthly Printables

I know I haven’t posted much here lately, but please know I’m still a daily bullet journaler! I’ve just been incredibly busy, as I’m sure you all have been. So, since I know we’re all gearing up to prepare our 2017 Bullet Journals, I wanted to remind you that I have free printables available for […]

The Evolution Of My Daily Pages

One of the photos I included yesterday was a shot of one of my first daily pages. I was basically just making “to do” lists and decorating them with washi tape and stickers. And those were good days when I did that. A lot of days I just sloppily scratched lists not recognizing the therapeutic […]